• Indie Game Maker Contest 2015

    Ryan and Julie attempt to build a 3D action RPG for PC in three weeks. How did they fare? Try their IGMC 2015 entry for free!

    Try Totem at IGMC 2015!

  • Coming Soon: Toys, Inc.

    Toys aren't all made with sunshine and rainbows. Test your reflexes with our latest casual game for iOS and Android!

  • Art Commissions

    Looking for a character artist for your own projects? Our in-house illustrators provide quality work for reasonable prices!

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Game & Mobile App Development

Founded in 2012, Piplay is a small development studio based in Manila, Philippines specializing in the creation of mobile games and applications.

App Development

  • Mobile App Development (iOS, Android)
  • XCode, Android Studio, Eclipse
  • Ruby on Rails, Laravel


  • Mobile Games Development (iOS, Android, Windows 8 Phone/Tablet)
  • Unity3D Development

Art Outsourcing

  • Conceptualization and storyboarding
  • 2D asset creation and animation
  • 3D modeling, texturing, rigging & animation



Toys, Inc.

Pressure game about making toys. Coming soon for iOS and Android.

Coming Soon!



PC Action RPG tech demo produced for the Indie Game Maker Contest 2015. Download for free!

Totem @ IGMC 2015


Whiz Kitty

One-touch reaction game now available iOS and Android.

Whiz Kitty @ Google Play | Whiz Kitty @ iTunes



36-in-1 card game suite for iOS devices.

Solitaire* @ iTunes


Land of Heroes

A party-based RTS in development about war, false gods and talking hats.

In Development!


Apa Universe

A title in development about a young space cadet and her alien friends.

In Development!

Developer Assets

Looking for cheap 3D assets for your next game project? We create and support several high quality 3D assets you can grab from the Unity Asset Store.

Totem Monster Pack

Six fully animated monsters from our IGMC 2015 entry, Totem, now for your consumption!

Totem Monster Pack @ Unity Store


Slime Team

Five low-poly, fully animated slime characters.

Slime Team @ Unity Store


Fantasy Village

Low-poly fantasy village set for RPGs and adventure games. Animated chicken included.

Fantasy Village @ Unity Store | Walkthrough Demo



Meet Jeremy, the Generic Male Character.  Your next prototype’s best friend.

Jeremy @ Unity Store